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prompt: kittenfer photoshopped the Kurt & Blaine puppets together and, well, one thing led to another… AKA Kurt and Blaine put on a puppet show for their daughter.
(spoilers for 5x07)

"I’m blue," Kurt says, deadpan, after Blaine hands him the Kurt puppet. "Why am I blue?"

I think you look very handsome as a puppet,” Blaine says with a grin, taking his own puppet from Amelia before she can start chewing on the nose again. He gives her a stuffed bear instead, cooing at her while she drools all over it. “And anyway, who knows why Sam chose blue? He got your hair right, at least.”

"That’s true," Kurt says, smiling warmly while Blaine pretends to nom Amelia’s toes. "My puppet hair looks fantastic."

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[UHQ] Chris Colfer filming Glee on November 7, 2013


Little quick Klaine drabble based off this post

Kurt hated Wednesdays. He had to work until 7pm and Blaine had to work until 8. It was one of three days a week they needed a babysitter for their daughter Madison. Every other day either Blaine or Kurt got out of work early enough to pick up their daughter from kindergarten. But sadly today was not one of those days.

Kurt had been home for a little while now, though, happy to be out of work and in his PJs. He’d said goodbye to their babysitter, Tina, and snuggled with Madison in front of the TV for a bit before deciding to make himself some food. But on the way to the kitchen something on the dining room table caught his attention.

It was a sheet of paper, clearly one of Madison’s few assigned homeworks. Attached to the front was a small post-it that read “I hope you find this as adorable as I did”

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We’ve got a lot of things! A lot of fun things. Incidentally, Jeff Marx [of AVENUE Q] actually wrote an original song for the show last year, but that’s the only AVENUE Q connection, actually. Ryan Murphy sort of spilled the beans on the puppets - that’s not coming up for a while! I took a lot of pictures and I’ve been waiting to put them out there and he just Tweeted some pictures of the puppets, so I guess I can share mine now, too! I am a big Muppets fan and I was so excited because we shot this whole Muppets thing - there are our Muppets and then there are the Muppets. The puppets of us are online - there’s a Muppet puppet version of each of our Glee characters and they are all so cute. I get to do Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend” with them - which was just a lot of fun to do, especially since I am such a big fan. —Darren Criss talking about episode 5.07 “Puppet Master” (

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